Our communication

To discover is infinite. To discover is a surprise. It is realizing that you don't know everything. It is something that comes to stay. It is to evolve. It is the nerves of doing something for the first time. It's looking under rocks, diving, exploring, climbing trees. To discover is to do it wrong in order to do it right. It is to travel, to learn and to respect. Discovery is color. To discover is Boboli. That's how we are, and that's how we communicate.


We have a clear mission in our communication: to spread the desire to discover the world in a respectful and sustainable way. From all our communication elements we want to:

  • Encourage, motivate and generate a critical spirit in children.

  • Give them reasons to explore, investigate and experiment.

  • Respect their environment and the people they live with.


We want to grow by discovering and respecting the world together.

We want to encourage and incite the natural curiosity of children to explore, investigate, experiment, create and enjoy. We believe that curiosity moves us all and makes the world evolve.


Discover (and change) the world with Boboli is our slogan and at the same time a declaration of principles. Committed to children, we want our brand to be a loudspeaker for educational messages and information of a social and pedagogical nature that allows us to discover the world in a playful way. We want children to be children!

Since 2022, we have added "change" to our slogan, as an invitation to action in a world where change is urgent, sharing the leading role with children, the true agents of transformation, committed to the environment, to people and to the values of childhood.