Gift Vouchers

In order to take advantage of our promotional discounts, you must enter the code in the  "Do you have a discount code?" box at checkout and click on the  "Take advantage of it!.

The cheque will be automatically deducted from the total amount of your order.

Please note the following points in order to use your gift voucher successfully:

- Gift vouchers are automatically deducted in order of expiry and only one voucher per purchase is applicable.

- Gift vouchers with an amount and not a percentage discount can be used to buy whatever you want.

- They cannot be combined with other  promotions or discounts.

- If the gift voucher is a percentage, it will not be valid for the purchase of a Gift Card.

- If a refund is processed after having applied  a gift voucher with an amount, another one will be generated again,,in the event that the voucher applied was for a   percentage, the discount obtained will be lost.

You can check if you have any promotion or cheque available by accessing  My Account > Vouchers.