Nature's Tempo

Look closely and you will see that nature is not in a hurry. Everything moves at its own pace. It flows as if it were enjoying the journey.

So, in the age of immediacy, we have created a series that follows the natural rhythm of our planet.

Episodes that take their time.

that go slow rather than fast. Open rather than scripted.

Because good things in life happen at their own pace.

Discover and change the world with boboli.

9 episodes

Episode 1

We kick off with our first episode of our Nature’s Tempo series. And we're not fooling you, absolutely NOTHING is going to happen, but EVERYTHING at the same time.

Close your eyes for a moment, listen to the sound of the water, transport yourself. Do you feel the cold water on your feet?

El pez Luis


Fishing is about being patient. Getting ready, sitting quietly, and listening to how the water flows.

That's when the wait becomes the best part of all. Don’t you think?

Episode 2

Stop for a second, close your eyes, and hit play. Listen to the children running, can you hear the laughter? Nothing more is going to happen in this video. Because the small and simple things are the best, don't you think?



Play, play, play, play and keep playing. Nature is the best playground. It invites us to hide, to run, to create and to laugh. No ON button, no plugs, are you in?


Episode 3

In this episode, we're not going to find gold nuggets in the lake, but we enjoy the sound of the water and the splashing. We invite you to stop, leave what you're doing, and escape.

You'll be transported to the place where we've been playing with the rocks, by the lake. The water is cool, but the sun is strong. The stones are smooth, and it's hard to stack them, but we like doing it.



River stones can also hide small treasures: little animals and amazing vegetation. We see palaces in stones, oceans in puddles, and crocodiles in logs. What do you see?

Episode 4


In the age of immediacy, going slow is cool. We named our new friend “Va-lentín,” which in Spanish means "goes a bit slow." You have to admit, it's quite clever. Because our friend moves very slowly, or maybe it's that we move too fast! If you look closely, you'll discover incredible things about its shape and how it moves.


They have antennas, carry their home on their back, and at their own pace, step safely. We invite you to observe them to help you pause.

Are you in? Enjoy their pace.

Valentin concha

Episode 5


Being together is wonderful, we need nothing more, and this is what happens in this episode. Telling each other our stories, sharing, playing with hair, and making a braid. What we find in nature is wonderful, and we can decorate our hair while chatting.

Flores 1 Flores 2


Sitting on our favourite part of the path and playing with flowers. Everything is wonderful when we weave our time together.

Cesta Fruta

Episode 6

Slow Food A break on the road, a snack. Seasonal fruit, above all, and locally sourced. In this episode, we stop to catch our breath and enjoy the flavor of a strawberry. It's strawberry season, at its own pace.



We catch our breath and thoroughly savor them, and if we get messy, it doesn't matter. Time to lick our fingers! The little things: enjoying the process.

Episode 7


In this episode, we enjoy a good bath in the heart of nature. The heat is on, and the water calls us, cool and ready.

First attempt: We wet our toes. It's confirmed: It's freezing. Second attempt: Some brave soul jumps in, taking the opportunity to splash and sprinkle us. Third attempt. 1, 2, 3, and... jump!



We're going to do it again and again, nothing beats a bath in nature. And if we get bored, we'll lie down in the sun and take a nap.

Chapter 8

We're going camping. To discover, to take shelter, to tell stories, to take long naps. We're going to let time flow.

Tienda web


At times getting bored, but boredom awakens our ingenuity and we reconnect with our surroundings. We climb trees, hum, and whistle, waiting for the birds to answer back.

Episode 9


It's time for you to experience it for yourself. Take the opportunity to enjoy nature, see how things change, how they move, how you feel them. A tree, a rock, an insect, a river… nature makes us open our eyes to what we sometimes don't see and have right in front of us.


If you can, sit down and touch the moist earth, try to just be aware of the sounds, the micro sounds, identify them. The sun, the wind, the singing of the birds, their flapping… Do you realize that the things in life are absolutely wonderful?

End of the series.

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